How to Reorder the Navigation Bar

On the left-hand side of the homepage, there is a navigation bar. You are able to change the order of the orange tabs, or their subfolders and subpages, in Cascade.

Note: Clicking on any orange tab will automatically take you to the first subpage within that folder.

Step One: Opening the Folder You Want to Reorder

Navigate to the folder you want to reorder. For example, if you wanted to reorder the economics faculty folder, you would select that folder in Cascade.


Step Two: Click "Order" Then Select the Page

The blue heading row contains a column for “Name”, “Order”, ‘Type”, and “Last Modified”. Click on “Order”. This will rearrange the pages in the order they appear in the navigation bar.

Clicking "Order" again will reverse the order, from first-to-last to last-to-first.

Then select the page you wish to re-order.

Step Three: Changing the Order

You will notice that a few buttons will appear:

The upward pointing arrow with the bar above it moves the page to the top.

The downward pointing arrow the bar below it moves the page to the bottom.

The upward pointing arrow moves the page up, and the downward pointing arrow moves the page down.

The cloud with the check allows you to publish the page you’ve selected. The cloud with the “x” will unpublish the page.

Note: The arrows will not appear unless you click "Order" before selecting the page.


If you want a page within a subfolder to appear as the primary page you need to draw it out as a single page not have it placed within a subfolder under that left side navigation tab.