How to Create a New Page

Step One: Navigating to the Parent Folder

Select the folder in which you want to create your new page - this is the parent folder that will contain your page.

Under the anthropology folder for example, you'll find four pages: contact us, giving, index, and staff. 

Step Two: Creating the New Page

Click the Add Content icon at the top of the page. From the options that appear, select New Page. If it doesn’t appear as an option, you may need to type it into the search bar.

Step Three: Editing the Page 

Once you create your new page, an editing box will pop up that contains all the various attributes of your page that you can edit.

Note: The display name is different from the heading of your page. It is the name that will appear in the navigation bar of your website.

For example, if you publish a page in the psychology folder with the display name “About & Resources," it will appear in the navigation bar of the Psychology Department website.


Step Four: Submitting the Page 

Once you're done editing the page content, click “Save & Preview." This lets you save a draft of your work and preview the changes before submitting and publishing the page.

Note: Submitting the page is not the same as publishing it. Submitting a page will make the changes permanent within the Cascade system, but not visible on your live website.

Click "Submit" to make your changes permanent.

An option to add comments about your changes will pop up. These may be helpful if you are collaborating with others to make a site. This step is optional and can be skipped by selecting “Check Content & Submit."

Your page will automatically be scanned for broken links. You should get a message saying no broken links were found - this means your page was submitted successfully. Click the check mark to continue. 

Even though your page has been submitted, the changes in the left navigation bar might not be reflected in the live website immediately. The system in place right now will rebuild the navigation bars for every page in the entire University every few minutes, and this process takes a while. It may take 24 hours for the new page to appear in the navigation bar.

Note: When you check your live website for updates, hold down the shift key while you refresh the page to see the newest version of your page.