How to Edit the Color Bar Links

You have the option to add multiple color bars, embedded with links that will open in a new tab, to the sidebar of any department homepage. 

Step One: Navigating to the Department Homepage in Cascade

Each department’s homepage is associated to an index page in Cascade. Look for the index page contained within your department's folder.

Ex. To edit the economics homepage, select the page called "index" under the economics folder. Most department folders are located under the units folder.

Step Two: Editing the Right Sidebar of the Index Page

Once you’ve selected the page called index, click “Edit” in the top-right of your screen to begin making changes to the homepage.

A new editing window will appear. Under "select-section-to-edit," choose "right-sidebar."

Step Three: Editing, Adding and Deleting Color Bars

At the bottom of the window you should see a section called “Color Bar Links.” Each color bar will have two fields to edit: Text and Link.

Whatever you enter in the text field is what will be displayed on the color bar.

In the link field you should paste the URL that you want to embed in the color bar.

You can also edit the number and order of your color bars in the top-right of each section.

Click the red "X" to delete a color bar.

Click the green plus sign to add a color bar (you can create up to four).

The gray up and down arrows allow you to reorder the position of each color bar.

Step Four: Publish the Page

When you finish editing, click "Save & Preview" in the top-right of your editing window, then "Submit" and "Publish."

Step Five: Publishing the Parent Folder

Remember to re-publish the parent folder in order to make the links visible in the navigation of all the pages. To do this, navigate back to the parent folder and click "Publish"