How to Edit the Body Content

Every department website has a homepage, which is called an index page in Cascade. (The index page is always the landing page for a site.)

The center column of every page is reserved for main body content. The body content of your site's homepage will include at least one of three possible sections: News, Events, and Content.

Keep reading this page to find out how to manage the sections that will be displayed on your site's homepage.


Note: If you want to add news and/or events to your homepage, you will need to use both Cascade and the COLA Web Editor.

Individual news stories and events can't be edited directly in Cascade. Only the sections can be added to your homepage in Cascade; they will be empty until you start creating news and events. Find out how to add news stories and events to your site using the COLA Web Editor.




Step One: Go to the Index page in Cascade

Log in to Cascade with your UT EID and customized password.

Every department homepage should be linked to an index page in Cascade. Find your site's folder in Cascade and look for the subpage called Index.

For example, to edit the Dept. of Economics homepage, you should look for the index page under the economics folder.


Step Two: Select Section to Edit: Body Content

Once you're on the index page, click on the Edit button in the top-right of your screen, which will open the editing window.

In the editing window, look for the dropdown menu that says select-section-to-edit and select body-content.


Step Three: (Re)Ordering the Content

Under the dropdown Body-Content you can choose the order (first, second, third) in which you want your content to appear.

For example, if you set news-cla-feed to "include-first," your news items will be displayed at the top of the page directly below the main image.

You must include at least one section on your page (the body content can't be completely empty), but you can set the second and third sections to None if you don't want them to appear on your page.


Step Four: Set the Number of News Items

In the News dropdown, you can choose how many news stories will be previewed at a time on your page (either 2 or 4).


Step Five: Editing "Events"

In the Events dropdown, you can choose how many events will be previewed at a time on your page (between 1 and 5). 


Step Six: Edit the Content

In the Content dropdown, you can use the text editor to add any content (text, links, images, videos, etc.) you want to include on your homepage.

For example, the economics homepage includes a few paragraphs about the UT economics program. 


Step Seven: Publishing the Page 

After you finish editing the body content of your page, save a draft of your changes by clicking Save & Preview, the click Submit and Publish.