How to Edit the Related Links

The left sidebar (left navigation) of your homepage will have a space for related links, social media links, an address, and information about your department chair/head. To edit any of these, you will need to edit the unit information for your department page.

Step One: Find the "Unit Information" Block

Go to your department folder in Cascade. Every department folder contains an index page and a unit information block associated with the department hompage. The unit information block is indicated by this icon:

Step Two: Edit the Related Links Section

When you open the unit information block, you will see multiple drop-down sections to edit.

Go to the section called "Left Nav Related (External) Links" and edit the text and link fields.

Note: "Text" is the name that will be displayed in the left navigation as an orange link.

Step Three: Add Multiple Links

You can add more than one link by clicking the green plus sign in the upper right of the links section. 

Delete any link by clicking the red 'X' and reorder the links by using the black up and down arrows.

If you don't want any links to appear in the left navigation, leave both the text and link fields empty.


When you're done, click "Save & Preview," "Submit," and then "Publish."


Adding a Social Media Link

If you'd like to add an icon that links to your social media like this:


You will also be able to do that through the unit_information block.

Step One: Add a new Social Media Link Section

Navigate to the unit_information editor within your Cascade folder. Then click "Edit."


If you have not added any links, your editor will look like this.


In this case, you can proceed onto Step Two. Otherwise, if you have already had existing Social Media Links, yours might look something like this. 


In the editor, scroll to the social-media section and click the "+" button.


Step Two: Choose an Icon from the Dropdown

Under "icon," choose the Icon for the Social Media platform you'd like to link to.


Step Three: Insert the Social Media Link

Under "link," paste in the link of your Social Media page.


Click "Save," then "Submit," and "Publish."

For adding other information in the unit_information block such as Address, or Chair / Head of Department, please refer to this link here.