How to Edit the Video Sidebar

Each department's homepage has a right-hand sidebar with an option to add a video sidebar.

Step One: Navigating to the Page in Cascade 

Each department's homepage is linked to an index page in Cascade.

For example, if you wanted to edit the economics homepage, you would look for the index page under the economics folder.

Step Two: Editing the Right Sidebar of the Index Page

Once you've selected the page called index, click "Edit" to open the editing box.

When you are in the editing window, navigate to the "select-section-to-edit" option and select "right-sidebar" from the dropdown menu.

Step Three: Editing the Video Box

You should see a dropdown called "video-box" under the right sidebar content. Clicking on it will reveal multiple fields that you can edit.


The text you enter in this space is what will be displayed as the title of your video.

Youtube Link

Here is where you should paste the URL of the video you want to embed.

Note: If the video is not already on Youtube, contact the Office of Public Affairs. They will upload the video to Youtube for you and provide you with a link that you can use.


This is the URL of the image that will be used as the video's thumbnail image.

Youtube will automatically give you a URL in this format:<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/default.jpg


If you want to include additional text and links, you can add them here and they will apear in a description box under the embedded video.

Step Four: Publishing the Page 

After you finish editing the video sidebar, save a draft of the changes to your page by clicking "Save & Preview," the click "Submit" and "Publish."