How to Enable Faculty and Graduate Student Spotlights

The front page of the department website has a faculty spotlight area (right side, beneath the homepage banner) that randomly spotlights a faculty member each time the page is refreshed. The spotlight automatically pulls the contents of your Web Editor profile, including the information you have listed under interests, publications, and courses. 

To include yourself in the faculty spotlight you will need to login to the Web Editor and add yourself to your department's spotlight.

Step One: Login to the Web Editor and Go to Your Profile

Go to the Web Editor website and log in with your UT EID and password.

Once you've logged in, you will see "Profile for [Your Name]" on your Dashboard. Click on the eye icon next to it. 

Step Two: Check Box for Faculty Spotlight 

At the bottom of your profile you should see a drop-down menu (or multiple dropdown menus if you are affiliated with multiple departments). Under each menu you will be able to check a box to add yourself to the faculty spotlight for that site. Save the changes to your profile when you're done.