How to Publish a Page

Step One: Navigating to the Parent Folder

Locate to the parent folder that contains the page you want to edit. Search the site content in the left panel of Cascade.

Step Two: Opening the Page and Editing 

Open the page and click "edit" in the top right of the window. This will open an editing box where you can make your desired changes. 

Step Three: Publishing the Page

Once you finish editing, click "Save & Preview" to exit the window and save a draft of your changes. Click "Submit" to permanently save your changes. After submitting, click "Publish" to add your page to the publishing queue and push changes to your live website. When the publishing window appears click "Submit" again.


Note: The display name is different from the heading of your page. It is the name that will appear in the navigation bar of your website.

For example, if you publish a page in the psychology folder with the display name “About & Resources," it will appear in the navigation bar of the Psychology Department website.