How to Edit Course Descriptions and Syllabi

Faculty can add syllabi to and edit the descriptions of courses that they teach. Find out how below.


Step One: Access the Edit Page

Click on the blue eye icon on your Dashboard. 

Step Two: Navigate to Courses Tab

Once you click on the Courses tab, you should see a list of all your courses ordered by semester. (Note: Course sections are listed separately) 

Step Three: Edit Course Info

Click the Edit button next to the course meeting time. An edit window should pop up. Here you can edit the course description and upload a syllabus. Don’t forget to save changes.


Fix for Course Descriptions Not Showing Up

The Problem

When browsing available courses, students will most likely want to an in-depth description of the course. There sometimes is an issue where clicking the show description button wouldn’t actually show the course description, even though it was added to the COLA Web DB.

This issue typically happens when the user (typically a professor or faculty member) adding the course description copy and pastes the description from a previous semester on the web. When they copy this text, there are some hidden markup tags (extra divs usually) that cause display problems.


  1. Log onto COLA Web DB.
  2. Find Course Descriptions in the Dashboard, and click on the eye icon to the right of it.

3. Select the correct semester, field of study (CC, ECO, etc.), and optionally course number for the class you’re trying to edit, and hit the Search button.

4. Locate the row for the course you want to edit and click the dropdown arrow on the far right.

5. Locate the specific course you want to edit by matching the unique ID on the right, and click Edit.

6. If the course description is empty, exit out of the editor and click on the blue Edit Default button for that course instead. Otherwise, proceed to step 7.

7. Click anywhere into the description box, press Command+A (Ctrl+A for Windows) to highlight all of the text.

8. Click on Formats, hover your cursor over Blocks, and make sure that only Paragraph formatting is selected.

Afterwards, you should only see p at the bottom left-hand corner of the editor.
9. Click Save changes.

You can now go back to the live courses page, and you should be able to view the course description.