How to Upload a CV

Once you find your profile in the COLA Web Editor, click the blue edit button to open and edit your profile.

Step One: Access the Edit Page

Click on the blue eye icon on your Dashboard.

Step Two: Locate Curriculum Vitae

On your profile Home tab, after your last name, you'll see the "Curriculum vitae" field. If you have no CV in place currently, click "Choose File" to upload your CV as in the first image below.

Choose a file

Replacing a CV

If you are replacing a CV, click "x" next to the file name to remove it as in the second image below.  Then upload and save a new CV as above.

remove current cv

Step Three: Save Changes

Before you leave the page, scroll to the bottom and click the blue "Save" button to complete your page updates - see image 3 below.

save to update