How to Add a Profile Image

To add or update a profile image, please use the LAITS Online Photo Submission Form.

The LAITS online form allows you to upload a photo and all the relevant information needed to make sure the photo is posted on the appropriate page.

LAITS Student Technology Assistants under the guidance of LAITS staff curate profile photos for faculty, staff and graduate students using the Webeditor.

* Photos that are too small, low resolution, or in the stye of informal selfies, will not be uploaded as formal profile photos on the list pages, or at the top of individual profile pages.

* Photos that are informal in nature can be added to the web page body for faculty, staff, and graduate students by these individuals themselves, as they all have access to their own web-presence.

* Contact LAITS Photography Services to learn more about when professional photoshoots are scheduled in LAITS studios for Faculty,Staff & Graduate Student groups.