How to Edit the Biography

Every profile page has a biography section in the main body, below the profile image. Personalize your page by adding links, images and videos to your biography—find out how using COLA Web Editor.

Step One: Go to Your Profile

Log in to the COLA Web Editor with your UT EID and password:


You should see your profile listed in your dashboard when you log in. Click on the blue eye button to edit your profile. 

Step Two: Edit the Biography  

Faculty who teach in multiple departments at the university will have multiple biographies they can edit. Graduate students also have the ability to edit their own biographies; office staff have the ability to edit both faculty and graduate student biographies.

At the bottom of the profile editor, you will see a gray dropdown bar for each of your roles at the university. Click on one of them to edit the associated biography.

Note: You can use the same biography for all your profiles by copying and pasting the content into each dropdown section.

When you open one of the dropdown bars, you will see a section called "Biography" with a text editing box.

Use the toolbar at the top to format text and add links, images, or videos. Make sure to click Save when you're done editing your profile.

Inserting Links

Click on the Insert/Edit Link button to add a new link to your biography.

Paste the URL in the first field, then edit the display text in the second field.

Adding Images

To add an image, click the Insert/Edit Image button. Next to source, click the button to choose a file from your computer.

The image will automatically be resized to fit the area if it is too wide; constrain the dimensions by changing the values if you want to resize it smaller.

Embedding a YouTube Video

The best way to add a featured video to your profile page is to embed a YouTube video directly in your biography.

In a new tab, open the video in YouTube and click the Share button.

Then copy the embed code:

In the biography toolbar, click on the Insert/Edit Media button, select the Embed tab, and paste the embed code.