How to Edit Default Course Descriptions

Note: This guide is intended for staff with Course Scheduler permissions. If you're a faculty member looking to update your own course descriptions and syllabi, see our guide here.

Staff who are listed as Course Schedulers in the COLA Web Editor have the ability to edit the descriptions of all Liberal Arts courses, including default descriptions, which apply across multiple sections of a course and are used when the instructor hasn't yet provided their own description or syllabus.

Courses in the COLA Web Editor won't automatically appear on the web. Before a course can appear on a department site, it must have a description (either default or class-specific), a syllabus, or both. After adding any one of those, the course will be published to the web.


Step One: Go to Your Dashboard

Log in to the COLA Web Editor. If you are a Course Scheduler, you will see a tab called Course Descriptions in your dashboard. Click on the eye button to open the editor.


Step Two: Search for Courses

Choose a semester, field of study, and/or course number to narrow down your search.

Then click on the Edit Default button next to a course.


Step Three: Add Text to the Default Description

Here you can edit the text that will be used as the default description for the course. If the course has multiple sections in a given semester, this description will be applied to all of them.

If you want to edit the class-specific descriptions instead, click on the down arrow next to a course. Here you'll see all the times offered for that semester.

If an instructor adds their own class description at any point, their description will override the default description.

After you edit the description, click Save Changes


Note: The department's course list page might not update immediately. Check back in a few minutes if you notice course descriptions aren't updating right away.

If your course descriptions are still not showing up, it could be an issue with the formatting of your text. Text needs to be in paragraph mode to display properly online. See the instructions at the bottom of this page to learn how to correct this problem.