Working Group on Law and Democracy

Malcolm Feeley, Fulbright Distinguished Speakers Series

Prison Privatization in Australia and the United States: Differences in the Role of the State

Wed, April 24, 2013 | College of Liberal Arts (CLA), Julius Glickman Conference Center, Room 1.302E

12:00 PM

Malcolm Feeley, Fulbright Distinguished Speakers Series

Australia, especially the States of New South Wales and Victoria, leads the world in the proportion on inmates held in private prisons.  The United States is a distant second.  Whereas privatization is taken for granted by both conservatives and liberals in Australia, in the US, it remains a highly controversial project.  Feeley examines differences in public reactions to prison privatization, differences in the quality of services and programming in public versus private prisons, and differences in the ways in which corrections officials approach privatization in the two countries.  Ultimately, he argues that success or failure of private corrections depends upon the quality of public correctional leadership.

Sponsored by: Edward A. Clark Center for Australia and New Zealand Studies

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