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Shakespeare at Winedale

For Children

"Playing Shakespeare" open-house workshops on the UT campus

Our Playing Shakespeare workshops, held monthly during the fall and winter and occasionally during the summer, are two-hour open house sessions at our UT home base of Calhoun Hall on campus. These events are free to children ages 8-14, with parents welcome to attend. The workshops are an introduction to the “Winedale way” of exploring Shakespeare through play and teamwork. Upcoming workshops can be found several weeks in advance on this website's front home page, under the "News" heading on the right-hand side.

The "Saturdays with Shakespeare" Players

Each spring, 10-15 interested students from around Central Texas sign up for our Saturdays with Shakespeare program, a five-workshop series in March and April that culminates in the ensemble performance of a scene at the Winedale Festival of Play. There is no class fee, but parents are encouraged to use the experience as an opportunity to join us as a Friend of Shakespeare at Winedale Outreach and make a contribution to the program for schools in low-income communities.  

For more information on these programs, please contact Outreach Coordinator Clayton Stromberger at