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For Schools

Residency Program

The core element of UT Shakespeare at Winedale Outreach is our work in public school classrooms through our residency program. Each residency project is designed to lead a group of students in grades 3-6 through an ensemble exploration of Shakespeare’s language and storytelling, culminating in a class performance of a Shakespeare scene. Most residencies involve 45-minute visits from our Outreach Coordinator every two weeks from September through May, with class sizes range from a whole grade level at a school to a small pullout group. Most of our introductory school visits are offered at no charge as a component of University outreach. To take part in a residency, schools complete an application process and then work with the Outreach program on ways to help provide funding to support the residency. All residencies are aligned with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for K-6 students in Language Arts and Fine Arts. outreach 3

Shakespeare Workshop Series

We also offer schools one-time workshops on Shakespeare designed to spark interest in reading and exploring Shakespeare in K-12 classrooms, public and private, or for larger groups in libraries. The workshops can be tailored to fit the needs and interests of the interested group. Schools also have the option of a weekday visit to the quiet, rural setting of the UT Winedale properties. This “green space” can be a wonderful setting for a group interested in exploring Shakespeare through performance. Fees for a three-hour Winedale workshop vary depending on the size of the group and the preparation required.

UT Children's Shakespeare Festival

Each spring, all classes participating in a full-scale residency are invited to share their work with others at the UT Children’s Shakespeare Festival, held each May in the B. Iden Payne Theater in the Winship Drama Building. Students perform on the same large stage that hosts the touring Actors from the London Stage at UT each fall.

Festival of Play

This tradition was begun years ago by Dr. James B. Ayres, founding director of Shakespeare at Winedale, as part of the UT spring Shakespeare-through-Performance class’s final performance on a Saturday at Winedale.  The Festival of Play brings invited residency groups to the Winedale Theater Barn on a morning in late April or early May so that they can share their Shakespeare work with parents, other Outreach students, and the spring Shakespeare at Winedale students from UT. Performances are followed by a maypole, games, and a cake in honor of Eeyore’s birthday.

For more information on any of these educational opportunities, please contact Outreach Coordinator Clayton Stromberger at