Shakespeare at Winedale

Every Class, Every Play Week 4

Sat, August 7, 2010 | Winedale Theatre Barn- Round Top, Texas

Every Class, Every Play Week 4

We wanted to do something big for the 40th anniversary reunion, so we decided to go for it all- the whole canon that is.  We're looking for alumni, representing every class if possible, to prepare a scene from all of Shakespeare's plays. We'll do two scenes before each matinee and three scenes before each Saturday and Sunday evening performance. The scenes will start a half-hour before each performance, as a preshow.  No more than eight minutes per scene.  First come, first serve, so don't delay, email Liz your choice today:

Week 4

Sat, Aug 7: before the matinee: King Lear; Antony and Cleopatra

before the evening show: Coriolanus; Timon of Athens; Pericles

Sun, Aug 8: before the matinee: Cymbeline; The Winter's Tale (claimed)

before the evening show: The Tempest (claimed); Henry VIII (claimed); The Two Noble Kinsmen (claimed)

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