Shakespeare at Winedale

Summer 2013 Applications due April 1

Mon, April 1, 2013 | CAL 302

- 11:30 PM

2012 Summer Class performs The Winter's Tale
2012 Summer Class performs The Winter's Tale

The 43rd Winedale Summer Season is coming! The plays for this summer are: The Comedy of Errors, The Tempest, Henry IV Part 1, and Marlowe's Doctor Faustus.The Summer class is a unique way to learn about Shakespeare through performance.

Shakespeare at Winedale is open to students from all disciplines, and application is by interview and not audition. No theather experience is necessary.  Students come from all backgrounds, including other schools and even other countries. Winedale students have a fertile imagination, an eagerness to learn, a willingness to play, and a high level of dedication and stamina.

Applications are available now! Download the Summer 2013 Application.  They are due April 1 in program coordinator Liz Fisher's office, CAL 302.  Interviews will be scheduled once applications are received.

Formal application for 2013 Shakespeare at Winedale consists of: (1) a completed application form accompanied by (2) a three-page essay addressing your personal history and your interest in Shakespeare at Winedale.  Once we have the application, we will e-mail information about your interviews.

When complete, please return to:

Deliver to: Liz Fisher, Program Coordinator

or mail:

Shakespeare at Winedale
208 West 21st Street Stop B5000
Austin, TX 78712

Or email:
Or fax: 512.471.4909

Read more about the summer class here.

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