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Shakespeare at Winedale Presents The Comedy of Errors in Dallas!

See the Summer Shakespeare at Winedale Class Perform The Comedy of Errors at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary August 16h.

Sun, August 18, 2013 | McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas, TX

7:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Shakespeare at Winedale Presents The Comedy of Errors in Dallas!

Shakespeare at Winedale’s 2013 Summer Class returns to the McKinney Avenue Contemporary for their final touring performance of William Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. There will be one performance only: on Friday, August 16th, at 7:30pm. Tickets are $20 for general admission or $10 for student ID holders and may be ordered online through the Shakespeare at Winedale website or by calling (512) 471-4726..

Director James Loehlin says “The Comedy of Errors is one of Shakespeare's fastest and funniest plays, and a real testament to the comic genius of the young Shakespeare. We have had a great time working on it, and I think audiences will be delighted by it.” Hannah Adrian, playing Dromio of Syracuse, says Comedy is a play “that requires everyone to be involved and devote all their energy. If even one character falls flat, we lose the momentum. It’s really fun to see everyone work towards really high energy performances at all time -- it won’t work otherwise.”

The Comedy of Errors follows a young man and his servant as they explore the forbidden city of Ephesus. Hilarity ensues as they unwittingly switch places with the identical twins they were separated from at birth. As servants and masters switch places, theft, infidelity, and extortion occur. The town revolts as we see the loveable characters seek to remedy the errors that keep occurring. Shakespeare’s shortest play, Comedy will delight audiences with a slapstick farce of mistaken identity over a brief two-hour performance. Kenneth Williams, playing Antipholus of Ephesus, agrees that “working on Comedy has been an absolute delight. The organized and hilarious chaos that ensues from moments of mistaken identity continually make us, and the audience, smile and laugh."

Shakespeare at Winedale is a University of Texas program in which students study and perform Shakespeare at the Winedale Historical Complex near Round Top. Since its founding by English professor James Ayres in 1970, the program’s unique, hands-on approach has brought Shakespeare’s words to life for hundreds of students and thousands of audience members. University students from many disciplines and backgrounds work together for six weeks at Winedale, ending their summer with four weekends of performances in a converted nineteenth-century hay barn. 

For a full schedule of performances or more information about the Shakespeare at Winedale program, please visit our or contact the Program Coordinator Liz Fisher at (512) 471-4726 or

Sponsored by: The Department of English, Shakespeare at Winedale

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