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Shakespeare at Winedale's 49th Summer Season

Mon, July 1, 2019
Shakespeare at Winedale's 49th Summer Season
2019 Shakespeare at Winedale Summer Season Graphic

Shakespeare at Winedale’s 2019 Summer Class takes the stage this July with performances of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors, Macbeth, and Richard II. The season will open on Thursday, July 18th, and run through Sunday, August 11th. Performances are Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 7:30pm, with matinees on Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm. Tickets are $10 for general admission or $5 for students, as well as UT faculty and staff. Patrons can purchase tickets through the Shakespeare at Winedale website or by calling (512) 471-4726.

The Shakespeare at Winedale program, housed in the College of Liberal Arts at UT, offers students a unique opportunity to explore Shakespeare’s rich and complex texts through the creative act of play. Established in 1970 as an undergraduate English course,

Shakespeare at Winedale has grown into a year-round program reaching many different groups across the state and country. Students in the summer program spend two months living in the Texas countryside, studying and performing three plays in the nineteenth century barn that has been converted into an Elizabethan theatre.

“We are excited to showcase the breadth of Shakespeare’s work this summer with three of his greatest plays,” says Professor James Loehlin, the program’s director.  “We are performing masterpieces from each of the three genres he wrote in, comedy, tragedy, and history.  The Comedy of Errors, Macbeth, and Richard II are all terrifically entertaining, and really highlight the virtues of Shakespeare’s different styles at different points in his career.”


The Comedy of Errors: Separated at birth, two sets of identical twins stumble into the port of Ephesus, causing hijinks and hilarity. Mistaken identities lead to wild mishaps, wrongful beatings, a near-seduction, and accusations of infidelity, theft, and demonic possession. The Comedy of Errors is a madcap romp with unforgettable characters and a heartwarming tale of finding your real family.


Macbeth: Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy leads audiences at breakneck pace through Macbeth’s bloody battle to win the throne of Scotland. The ultimate power couple, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, struggle with the consequences of their violent ways. Filled with supernatural forces and brutal events, this play examines the darkest side of humanity.


Richard II:  If God doesn’t make a king, what does? When divine right is challenged, a kingdom is turned upside down. King Richard II is a capricious, feckless ruler who engineers his own downfall. Shakespeare explores the vulnerability of kings in this cautionary tale about abuses of power and abdication.


Thursday, July 25th, is Fayette County Night; tickets for Fayette County residents are only $4 for that evening’s performance of Macbeth, and door prizes will be raffled off for free at the end of the performance. Our celebratory season finale and reception starts at 6:30pm on Saturday, August 10th, with tickets for $25, which includes the reception and the evening performance of The Comedy of Errors.


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