Shakespeare at Winedale

Shakespeare at Winedale Outreach

Sun, January 17, 2010
Shakespeare at Winedale Outreach
UT Children's Shakespeare Festival

From Clayton Stromberger, Director of Outreach

  It’s our sixth year of Outreach, thanks to your support, and this fall young students in grades 3-6 across Central Texas – many of them from schools in low-income and disadvantaged communities – are working on lines and characters from The Tempest, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, and Julius Caesar, excited (and a bit nervous, of course) about their opportunity to perform at Winedale and on the UT campus in the spring.  Our residencies at Galindo, Zavala, Zilker, Pease, Sommer, Dudley, and Converse elementary schools are all going strong; it has been gratifying to see that these teachers are determined that the program return to their classrooms each year.  We are also delighted to be working with the Gonzales Youth Center, which serves children from low-income families in Gonzales, on a first-ever performance project.
     Meanwhile, our six intrepid pioneer students in the Young Longhorn Shakespeareans group have been meeting on Saturdays once a month since August to work on scenes from As You Like It.  This group is designed to be an ongoing opportunity for leadership and ensemble performance and play for students from our participating schools.  Our goal is to build a program that allows students to be involved through the middle school years so that our mentoring relationship can have a deeper positive impact.
     This spring, Clayton will begin his ‘Central Texas Library Tour,’ bringing a 30-minute workshop to schools via the school librarians, with a focus on sparking interest in kids in reading/learning more about Shakespeare and on encouraging librarians to purchase more kid-friendly Shakespeare books to keep this interest alive.  Our hard-working librarian friends at Galindo and Zilker have more than tripled their Shakespeare sections through a long-term collaboration with Outreach, and the kids love to check out these books!


Upcoming Outreach Events:

UT Children's Shakespeare Festival May 2010


Ongoing Outreach Events:

Saturdays With Shakespeare  The Saturday Shakespeare Players are a group of dedicated students who come to the UT campus every Saturday. Students are encouraged to attend the Playing Shakespeare event on February 27 to have a preview of what Saturday Shakespeare is like.  Students interested in Saturdays with Shakespeare should come to the Playing Shakespeare event and/or contact Clayton Stromberger, the Winedale Outreach Coordinator. 

Five Saturdays – March 27 through April 24, 9 a.m. to noon on the UT campus

Sixth Saturday – students meet at Winedale on May 1 for all-day event and a performance in the Winedale Theater Barn.    

Students ages 9-14 are eligible.  Students must commit to learning lines during the week and must be able to attend all sessions; class limited to 20.  Some places are reserved for participants in the Winedale Outreach program in area schools.  The sessions will be led by two of our UT Winedale student teachers, Alli Hammond and Norma Balli-Borrero.  Outreach Coordinator Clayton Stromberger will supervise and occasionally assist with the teaching but will not be present for all sessions.   In lieu of a fee, parents of participating children are asked to contribute to the UT Shakespeare at Winedale Outreach program this spring in order to assist its programs for students in schools in low-income communities.    For more information or to register a student, contact UT Shakespeare at Winedale Outreach Coordinator Clayton Stromberger at or call Clayton at 228-1055. 



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