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Introducing Sunday Shakespeare!

Fri, March 9, 2012
Introducing Sunday Shakespeare!

Winedalers and Shakespeare enthusiasts;

Those of us at Shakespeare at Winedale would like to introduce you to a new feature on our website—Sunday Shakespeare. Devised by the late classical scholar and Shakespearean performer Dr. Gareth Morgan, Sunday Shakespeare is a DIY system for conducting your own informal readings of Shakespeare’s plays.

Morgan’s system divides each of Shakespeare’s plays so that they may be read aloud by groups of 7 – 12 readers. Each play is broken into 3 sections (with the exception of a few shorter plays which are broken into 2) and characters are distributed to readers such that no reader is responsible for reading both parts in any conversation. To read a complete list of directions, click here.

For close to two decades, Dr. Gareth Morgan, with his wife Joan, was the guiding spirit and enthusiastic host of a weekly gathering of readers who love Shakespeare's plays and read them together. The genius and flexibility of Gareth's system allowed this group to thrive for many years; and, it is with great honor and appreciation that we make his system available to you.

For a complete list of play castings by Dr. Morgan, please click here. We hope you enjoy Sunday Shakespeare!




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