Shakespeare at Winedale

From Page to Stage to the Digital Age

Sat, May 12, 2012
From Page to Stage to the Digital Age
Romeo and Juliet rehearsal in 1994 next to Emilia Mahaffey at performance in 2009.

Using software that is typically used to archive political transcripts, former Shakespeare at Winedale student Emilia Mahaffey digitized the first three acts of the 1994 performance of Romeo and Juliet and synced the digital video with Shakespeare’s text as cut for the performance. In doing so, Mahaffey has made it possible for users to read along as they watch and to skip ahead in the footage by searching for keywords in the text. To view the project, please click here.

Though she completed the project as part of a class she’s taking on digitization, Mahaffey has introduced Winedale to a new and interesting tool. “I like the tool a lot” said Mahaffey, “and I think Winedale could use it as both an archiving and an advertising tool.” Though no official plans have been made at Shakspeare at Winedale to utilize the new software, the organization is excited about the potential of using it in the future.  

Beyond putting a high premium on line accuracy, Mahaffey thinks the system could also help Shakespeare at Winedale protect footage currently being stored on outdated platforms such as DV tapes or VHS. “I think its essential for the longevity of any organization to keep good records,” said Mahaffey, “but then again, I am an archivist!”

Mahaffey is currently working on her Master’s degree in Library Science at the University of Texas Information School. She would like to finish digitizing the 1994 Romeo and Juliet when time permits.


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