Shakespeare at Winedale

Camp Shakespeare featured in The Alcalde

Sun, July 1, 2012
Camp Shakespeare featured in The Alcalde

Excerpt from The Alcalde article published on July 5, 2012:

"Fog still shrouds the farmlands of Fayette County when the young players of Camp Shakespeare roll off their cots and begin their day.

There is not much time for sleepy-eyed stumbling; the sun is just now warming the rolling countryside surrounding the Briarfield B&B near Warrenton, and that means it’s time for pre-breakfast line work. The words of Shakespeare, spoken by young people who hail from Austin and Gonzales and New York City, mingle with birdsong and the sound of the occasional pickup truck heading down nearby Texas 237.

This castle hath a pleasant seat…”

“O horror, horror, horror….

Knock, knock – who’s there, i’ th’ name of Beelzebub?

Inside the bed and breakfast’s main meeting room, a white-haired professor emeritus who began teaching at UT in 1964 sits and squints through his eyeglasses at a line of text in a bound copy of Macbeth..."

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