Shakespeare at Winedale

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and University of Warwick honor Shakespeare at Winedale

Mon, June 23, 2014
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and University of Warwick honor Shakespeare at Winedale

We are proud to announce that the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and the University of Warwick will honor Shakespeare at Winedale this summer. In celebration of Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, the institutions will embark on a summer-long road trip to visit fourteen different Shakespeare festivals across North America. Shakespeare at Winedale is the only festival they will be visiting in Texas and the only educational program to make their list.

The project, entitled Shakespeare on the Road, is headed by Dr. Paul Edmondson, Head of Research & Knowledge for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and Dr. Paul Prescott, Reader in English at the University of Warwick. The team also includes AJ and Melissa Leon, founders of Misfit, Inc., who will be documenting the journey with multiple forms of media throughout the summer.

Dr. Edmondson says, “For centuries America has topped the list of nations flocking to visit Shakespeare’s Birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon.  Americans were the first to sign our oldest surviving visitors’ book at Shakespeare’s Birthplace back in 1812, and now we welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors from the USA every year.  Shakespeare on the Road is a reverse pilgrimage, to record and salute the troupes and groups who keep Shakespeare’s genius burning brightly across America.”

Dr. Prescott adds, “The amount of Shakespearean theatre-making in America dwarves that of any other country, the UK included. Every summer, from sea to shining sea – and at all points in between – from spit-and-sawdust performances in local parks to slick professional productions in reconstructed Elizabethan playhouses, the Bard busts out all over the USA. This trip will take the pulse of Shakespeare in America over the course of one remarkable summer in 2014 and is a perfect way of celebrating his enduring popularity and the 450th anniversary of his birth.”

The team will arrive in the States on July 4 and will make their way to Winedale in time for our opening weekend. Other notable festivals and companies they will be visiting include: the Utah Shakespeare Festival; the Oregon Shakespeare Festival; the American Shakespeare Company; the Shakespeare Theatre Company; and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. Over the course of the summer, Shakespeare on the Road will build up a picture of how Shakespeare is being performed and celebrated across North America.

Each selected group with be given a commemorative plaque to mark the visit and will host presentations about the project and the work of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. Regular updates of the visit will be blogged during the 60-day road trip and Drs. Edmondson and Prescott will also compile a book about their experiences. Follow the journey at



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