Department of English

Graduate Programs in English

The Department of English at the University of Texas at Austin is home to two fully-funded and highly-rated graduate programs, the Ph.D. in English and the M.F.A. in Creative Writing. Drawing on the resources of a number of departments and centers, these programs feature a diverse, engaged, and accomplished faculty. The University of Texas and city of Austin provide a vibrant setting for both programs. Our intensive mentoring and pedagogical training prepare graduates for success as teachers, scholars, writers, and administrators, both in and well beyond the academy.

Our Ph.D. program is engaged not only in meeting but in helping to shape the challenges of a complex, rapidly changing academic discipline. Increasingly, graduate courses have examined relationships between writing and other cultural practices and have explored the social, historical, rhetorical and technological processes by which literature and other discourses are constituted.

Students in our Ph.D. program work in and across fifteen fields of study: American Literature; Medieval Literary Studies; Renaissance Literature; 18th-Century British Literature; 19th-Century British Literature; Modern British Literature; Bibliography and Textual Studies; Digital Literacies and Literatures; Drama; Ethnic and Third-World Literature; Language and Linguistics; Poetry and Poetics; Popular Culture and Cultural Studies; Rhetoric; Women, Gender, and Literature.

Our M.F.A. program, The New Writers Project, is comprised of experienced teachers committed to advising young writers. Our students work with established writers, gain editorial and teaching experience, and develop the range of their work.

Students in our M.F.A. program work in fiction and poetry but also benefit from and work closely with the faculty in the above fields of study.