Conference Handouts

Have you seen one of our presentations at a conference, but didn't get the handouts or presentations?  You can find them here!

Handouts are listed by the title of the session.

Africa Enslaved (download the curriculum unit here)


Aswan High Dam (part of "People and Place")

Bio-Diversity in Ecuador and the Galápagos (part of "People and Place")

Central Asia Along the Silk Route

Dams in Latin America: Effects on Humans and the Environment
PowerPoint Presentation (26.2 MB)

Festivals and Celebrations

As presented at Alief ISD PD (1/30/16) -  PowerPoint  (14.7 MB)

As presented at Region VII ESC (12/3/14) - PowerPoint (with notes)


The Geography of Central Asia
Download everything at once: Central Asia Presentations

The Geography of Religion

Google Earth

There are several resources here: https://etoolbox.wikispaces.com/Google+Earth+Tour+Tips

Introduction to the Middle East (also: Introduction to Southwest Asia and North Africa)

Mapping the Islamic City

Mapping Our Worlds - as presented at Region VII Kilgore (12/3/14)

Restoring Women to World Studies

Spices Make the World Go Round

Teaching with Primary Sources

That Pesky Standard: Teaching Islamic Extremism without Stereotypes

Tracking Cultures: How Cultures Spread through Conquest, Migration, Trade, and Travel