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Free Minds Project

The Free Minds Project provides Central Texas adults living on low to moderate incomes with a chance to fulfill their intellectual potential and to "jumpstart" their college education. In the Free Minds Project, students explore new ways of thinking about themselves and about their world by studying important works of literature, history, philosophy, and art. Founded in 2006 by the Humanities Institute, Free Minds has served seven classes of students as well as its more than 80 alumni and developed strong community partnerships with Austin Community College, Foundation Communities, Camp Fire USA, and others.

Free Minds is now primarily supported by Foundation Communities. The Humanities Institute provides academic support, and director Pauline Strong is teaching in the program in 2013-14.

Free Minds is directed by Vive Griffith, who can be reached by phone at (512) 610-7961 or by email at The program's current website can be accessed here.

Press Accounts of Free Minds:

"Making college accessible to those who might skip it" - Oct 28 2011

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