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Digital Humanities

The Initiative for Digital Humanities (IDH) provides a nexus for humanities and digital studies at the University of Texas Austin. Collaborative and interdisciplinary, the IDH network crosses the humanities and the social sciences within and beyond the College of Liberal Arts to support faculty, students, and staff who apply digital technologies and computational methods to humanities questions and subject technology to humanistic interrogation. IDH aims to support and connect Digital Humanities research through consultation, seed and bridge funding, grant writing and management support, and coordinated programming, including discussion groups and a lecture series.

Digital Studies at UT represent the areas of study where humanities disciplines and studies in information engage digital tools, archives, artifacts, and information technologies. Innovative scholarship in the twenty-first century requires working not only across disciplinary boundaries, but also across schools and units that practice distinct modes of thought. The emergent field of digital studies transforms research and learning environments and systems of cultural preservation by leveraging institutional differences through collaborations that cross traditional institutional units and hierarchies. 

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