Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Sigrid K. Kjær

Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible/ANE,

Sigrid K. Kjær



Hebrew Bible, Old Testament Exegesis, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Nabataean-Aramaic, Old South Arabian, Ancient North Arabian, Cultural Contact, pre-Islamic Arabia, Comparative Semitics, Gender Studies.


MA (Research) in Hebrew Bible Studies, Leiden University, 2013
B.A.Theol, Aarhus University, 2011

Sigrid K. Kjær is a fourth graduate student in Hebrew Bible. She came to the University of Austin in the Fall of 2013 after finishing her Master’s degree at Leiden University. She is currently focusing on finishing her coursework and expect to take her qualifying exams in the Fall semester of 2016. Her minor field is in Religious Studies and she is the current secretary of the Graduate Committee for the Study of Religion.

Her thesis at Leiden was on linguistic and cultural contact in the Nabataean-Aramaic legal scrolls found at Naḥal Ḥever, and this sparked her interest in the pre-Islamic Arabian Peninsula and the Dead Sea Region around the beginning of the Common Era. 

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