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Undergraduate Programs

For students in the 2020-2022 catalog, the Department of Middle Eastern Studies offers an undergraduate major in Middle Eastern Studies (MES). This major is a consolidation of the old Middle Eastern Studies, Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures, and Islamic Studies majors. The 20-22 MES major combines the study of a Middle Eastern language with a survey of courses in the social sciences, history, and the arts & humanities. Students within the new MES major will choose one of 8 tracks to pursue: Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Turkish, the Ancient Near East, History, Islamic Studies, or Literature.

The old Middle Eastern Studies major, as well as the Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures and Islamic Studies majors, are only available to students eligible for the 2018-2020, 2016-2018, and 2014-2016 catalogs. You can learn about each major by following the links below, and you can click here to download the MES undergraduate brochure to learn more about our majors, minors, and special programs offered through the Department and Center.

If you have questions about the majors, minors, or your catalog eligibility, please email the Undergraduate Coordinator.