Centralized Business Services

AT&T Center FAQ

Q:  What steps are needed after an AT&T card is used?
A:  Please obtain your receipt from the dining facility and include it with the OOEF submission. 

Q:  When are AT&T charges posted to the account? 
A:  The total amount for the meal will automatically post to the account associated to the dining card approximately 4-6 weeks after the charge has been made. 

Q:  Can AT&T charges be corrected to a different account once they post?
A:  Yes, please indicate which account the charge should be corrected to in the notes section of the OOEF.

Q: What happens if there are insufficient funds to pay expenses that have already been charged? 
A:  If you need to change the account number tied to a dining card, please contact Michelle Hughes so a new card can be issued.