Centralized Business Services

Entertainment Policies

  • Entertainment expenses are limited to $75/person for an event/meeting (including tax and gratuity). If expenses are to exceed this amount, please let your CBS team know prior to the event so that they may request an exception from Associate Dean Jamie Southerland. Please note that exceptions are not always approved.
  • For Events with 10 or less people you must document each person’s name, title, and affiliation even if they did not eat or they paid separately. For Events with 11 or more people you may generalize the group that attended.
  • Entertainment expenses are not allowed on state accounts (usually 14 and 20 accounts) or designated or non-fee 19 accounts. Gift funds (30 accounts), also known as endowments, are typically used to process entertainment expenses.


For all other matters, please refer to the UT Handbook of Business Procedures.