Centralized Business Services
Liberal Arts Building


The information below is primarily intended for offices who utilize our centralized HR services.

Other offices who wish to hire should contact their administrative manager for assistance.


IMPORTANTPlease Do NOT commit to hiring or paying anyone before first requesting permission from Liberal Arts - Centralized Business Services (CBS HR Team) staff and receiving confirmation that it is permissible for the specific individual or situation you have in mind. Federal and university regulations change frequently. It is important that a review be conducted before any commitment is made to ensure that employment is legally possible and does not violate any university policies. Per college policy, failure to obtain prior permission from our staff in advance of hiring may result in you personally being responsible for paying someone for services performed.

  • Step 1: Student Hire - Concurrent Jobs Form - please complete this form for each new hire and submit with the request form above.  Link: https://utexas.app.box.com/s/vttfoxgsipw2iirtvb4qtyvciud9q2pr
  • Step 2: Student Hire - Request Form - please complete this form to request hiring a student for clients utilizing our centralized HR services. Before submitting request, do confirm with student they meet eligibility for minimum enrolled hours and max allowable hours across all UT concurrent jobs.  See related resources.
  • Step 3: I9 form is required to show work authorization. New Workers (and some continuing employees) should be prepared for completing the I9 form on the first day or before first day for section one. Section three must be completed in person with worker and hiring office's HR team before/on/and cannot be any later than the third working day.  (The direct supervisor schedules this meeting on behalf of worker)
  • Note: Workers should login to Workday to begin completing all the onboarding tasks assigned to them in their Workday Inbox. Workday's Hire/Add Job Business Process will prompt for the I9 and item will arrive in the new worker's inbox once the appointment is final approved, which they can login to complete section one in advance of first working day.
  • Here is list of acceptable documents for the I9 visit:
  • https://hr.utexas.edu/current/services/employment-eligibility-verification-i9-docs
  • All other hiring needs for centralized HR offices, please contact John directly to begin the process.
  • Overview of Enrollment Requirements for Student Job Titles (PDF)

  • Summary of University Limits on Student Work Hours(PDF)