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Clare Brock

MA, University of Texas

Clare Brock



American Politics, Public Policy, Food and Agricultural Policy, Lobbying, Agenda Setting, Content Analysis, American Political Development


Clare Brock studies American politics and public policy, focusing on agricultural policy and lobbying behavior. She completed her undergraduate work at Southwestern University, earning a B.A. in Political Science and Communications. She also holds a M.A. in American politics from the University of Texas. She is currently a graduate research assistant at the Irma Rangel Public Policy Institute, and is writing a dissertation on lobbying in the agricultural policy sector.  

Clare's dissertation considers the inputs to legislation, in the form of lobbying efforts, based on the reasonable belief that those who seek to influence policy construction often succeed in shaping legislative outputs. Specifically, her research addresses the following question, what institutional and political factors determine a firm’s or interest’s strategic decision regarding whom (Congress, the bureaucracy, or both) to lobby? The project argues that lobbying is a strategic activity, meaning that lobbyists must determine whether to expend resources lobbying only Congress, only the bureaucracy, or divide resources by lobbying both. This strategic decision will depend on a variety of institutional and political factors, including the political environment, the relationship between an interest and relevent members of Congress, and the individual characteristics of the interest group. The project relies on multiple research methods, including cross sectional time series analysis and interviews, to test the proposed hypotheses. Ultimately, this dissertation contributes to developing a deeper understanding of the construction of our food policy regime with the intent to increase transparency in the policy making process.  

Clare has served as a research assistant at the Irma Rangel Public Policy Institute, and as a teaching assistant for courses on Food Politics in America, Public Policy, and an Introduction to American Politics. 


GOV 310L • American Government

38334 • Fall 2016
Meets TTH 8:00AM-9:30AM MEZ B0.306

This course is an introduction to American government and politics.  While the main focus is on the national level, additional attention is paid to the state and local governments of Texas. Topics will include U.S. political history, political institutions, elections, public opinion, rights and freedoms, and public policy issues.

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