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Writing Austin's Lives was successful in generating a wide-ranging response from broadcast and print media both for the project and the authors who contributed to the project and book.

Audio-Video Presentations
KUT Radio, September 7, 2003
News 8, "Locals Share Experience in Writing Austin's Lives," November 16, 2003
National Public Radio, "Smart City," April 10, 2004
News 8, "Reading Austin's Lives," interview broadcast, July 18, 2004
News 8, "'Austin Lives' highlighted in new book," August 21, 2004
News 8, "Writing Austin's Lives," a series of five interview broadcasts, Nov. 15-19, 2004
Austin Now (KLRU), "Writing Austin's Lives," February 11, 2005
News 8, "Austin Youth," five interview broadcasts, February 28-March 4, 2005
News 8, "Austin Lifestyles," five interview broadcasts, May 9-13, 2005

Website Features
UT Feature Archives, stories of interest to UT community
What Kids Can Do, national children's advocacy organization

Press Stories
"Writing Austin's Lives" insert. Austin American-Statesman, February 2003
"New University of Texas Humanities Institute hoping to create 'community portrait' through Writing Austin's Lives project." Senior Advocate, May 1, 2003: 14
"Recording Austin's oral narratives." Daily Texan, June 11, 2003: 1-2
"Writing Austin's Lives." Austin Chronicle, June 13, 2003
"Grassroots Historians team up with local agencies to bring past and future history to light." Austin Chronicle, July 4, 2003
"Writing Austin's Lives." On Campus, October 24, 2003
"Writing Austin's Lives Awards & Celebration." Austin Chronicle, November 14, 2003: 68
"Write on, Austin." Austin American-Statesman, January 11, 2004: K1, K9
"Get to know 127 of your neighbors in 'Writing Austin's Lives'." Austin American-Statesman, May 23, 2004
"'Writing Austin's Lives' published by Waterloo Press, UT Humanities Institute." West Austin News, June 3, 2004
"Austin, meet Austin." Texas Alcalde, July/August 2004: 50-58
"Voice of the People." Austin Monthly, August, 2004
"Will Wynn Assigns Summertime Reading." Austin American-Statesman, April 12, 2005
"Special Book Joins the Mayor's Club." Austin American-Statesman, April 15, 2005
"'Austin Lives' connects community." Daily Texan, June 3, 2005

Author Story Publication
"The summer of my friend, the owl." Aletha Irby, Austin American-Statesman, January 11, 2004
"Each house holds its own memories." Lissa Whitehurst, Austin American-Statesman, January 11, 2004
"How Gullisi got her groove back." Monica Beckford, Austin American-Statesman, January 11, 2004: K10
"Chasing a dream while you are taking the bus downtown." Carlos Parada, Austin American-Statesman, January 11, 2004
"The day we rode 'The Mustangs'." Louise LaBauve Saxon, Austin American-Statesman, January 15, 2004
"Growing up black in Austin." Judith Jenkins, Austin American-Statesman, January 15, 2004
"Still loving a changed city." Laura Figueroa, Austin American-Statesman
"Taking the long view of the city." Forrest Preece, Sr., Austin American-Statesman
"When even the heat feels right, you know you belong in Austin." Nancy B. Szabo, Austin American-Statesman
"Shouters: 'Who does this man belong to?'" Sandy Rankin, Austin American-Statesman

Award Announcement
Austin Chronicle "Best of Austin" Critics' Award for "Best Local Authors." Austin Chronicle, October 1, 2004: 92

Filming Austin's Lives
"Filming Austin's Lives: Austin-tatious Landmarks." Austinist, May 15, 2007
"The lives of Austin, the magic of movies." Austin American-Statesman, June 23, 2005

Mayor's Book Club
Writing Austin's Lives, 2005 Mayor's Book Club selection

Writing Austin's Lives on stage
Akins High School: stage production of 44 stories, directed by Rick Garcia (October 16-18, 2003)

The entire archive of Writing Austin's Lives stories is available to the public at the Austin History Center.

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