African and African Disapora Studies Department
African and African Disapora Studies Department

Dr. Kevin Foster Publishes IUPRA Report, is Featured by KUT News

Mon, November 4, 2019
Dr.  Kevin Foster Publishes IUPRA Report, is Featured by KUT News

AADS Associate Professor Kevin Foster’s report Destruction of Black Communities in the Name of Progress: The Case of Austin, 1865-1928 (published by Black Studies at UT’s Institute for Urban Policy Research & Analysis) examines Austin’s history with regard to policies affecting African Americans in the aftermath of the Juneteenth decree to explain how the resultant practices (e.g., policing) influenced the development of policies implemented in the city today. Dr. Foster argues that “Austin decision-makers have repeatedly harmed Black people and communities; they did not formally speak of doing ill to the Black community. Rather, they spoke of efficiency, practicality, and community benefit.” These discourses were used to “advanced their (White) interests and violated African American rights and interests.” Read the entire report online:

In a related interview published by KUT News, “Dividing Lines: Bad Schools vs. Good Schools,” Dr. Foster explains that Austin area schools are so segregated because community members tend to use race as a frame with which to  distinguish between so-called “good” schools and “bad” schools. As he puts it, people “use race and class as a proxy for quality.” Dr. Foster reiterates that “nobody says race or socioeconomic status is a reason they don’t want their children to attend a different school; they say it’s about the quality of the school.” He concludes by stating that “The healthiest communities, are fully integrated communities.” Watch the full interview online:

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