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AADS Minor

The AADS minor requires fifteen semester hours of AFR coursework, including:

  • AFR 303. Introduction to Black Studies
  • AFR 304. Intro to the Study of Africa
  • One additional course on the subject of the continent of Africa, such as AFR 310K
  • Six hours of upper-division AFR courses in one of the following tracks*:
  • Critical race, gender, and sexuality theories
  • Performance, music, art, and literature
  • Language, history, and behavioral and social sciences
  • Law, education, health, and policy

*A course list with each track is available below.

Students who wish to apply to the AADS minor program should contact the Student Division Advisors.

Course Lists are for informational purposes only. They do not replace department or university catalog requirements, and are not a substitution for official advising. Offical Advising is currently being done by the College of Liberal Arts, Student Division Advisors.

Prior Year Degree Requirements and Course Lists

Additional information is available in the university catalog.