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Field School


The Programme for Belize Archaeological Project (PfBAP) is directed by Dr. Fred Valdez. Since 1992, with the permission of the Institute of Archaeology of the Government of Belize, the PfBAP has conducted original research concerning the ancient Maya civilization. The project area of the PfBAP is in the Orange Walk District of northwestern Belize, near the Mexican and Guatemalan borders, on land owned by the Programme for Belize, a Belize-controlled non-profit organizaton established in 1988.

As a student or volunteer, you will have the chance to to obtain hands-on experience in general aspects of field archaeology, including excavation, survey mapping, artifact processing, and artifact analysis. Field techniques training will be supplemented by lectures. Subjects vary but generally cover excavation objectives, lithic analysis, ceramic analysis, osteological analysis, and Maya prehistory.

More information about the program can be found here: The Programme for Belize Archaeological Project

Contact: Dr. Fred Valdez or Jenna Habeeb