Department of Asian Studies
Department of Asian Studies

Nina Gat

M.A., J.D., LL.M.,

PhD student, Asian Cultures & Languages



Literatures of India; Beginnings of modern Hindi literature; Classical Indian aesthetics; & Indian modernity


Transitioning from the field of law, Ms. Gat is currently focused on different aspects of Indian literature, including historical perspectives on various genres; literariness and classical Indian aesthetics; historical influences on post-independence Hindi literature; and, themes of modernity.  Her research on Hindi writer Mohan Rakesh explores the unique elements of Indian modernity. Her career spans years of work in India in the field of human rights and social development in its many dimensions in urban as well as rural settings where she worked closely with leaders in academia, judiciary, politics, government and the media, while facilitating opportunities for dialogue and academic exchange between American experts and their Indian counterparts. She also gained valuable experience in modern teaching methodologies using andragogy and 'learner-controlled instruction' for training and instructional purposes.  Upon migrating to the United States, Ms. Gat pursued a legal careeer which gave her invaluable perspectives on the inner workings of societal and cultural change.

As she pursues a doctoral degree exploring the many dimensions of Indian literature, Ms. Gat seeks to explore the connectivities of modern Hindi literature with its past and the formulations of modernity in post-independence India.

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