Department of Asian Studies
Department of Asian Studies


Associate Academic Adviser

Nikola Rajic,

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The Academic Advisor advises prospective and current majors, removes advising bars, reviews degree audits, assists with course selection, processes undergraduate advising paperwork (including declarations of major, profile change requests, petitions for degree modification, etc.), pre-advises majors interested in study-abroad programs, discusses career exploration, and coordinates various departmental scholarships.

Undergraduate Honors Advisor

Chiu-Mi Lai,

WCH 4.114

The Undergraduate Honors Advisor oversees the Honors program, accepts applications for the Honors program, advises students on developing an appropriate thesis topic, assists students in selecting a Senior Thesis advisor, accepts completed Senior Theses, and discusses graduate programs and career options with students. The Undergraduate Advisor does not review degree audits or advise students on degree plan requirements.