Department of Asian Studies
Department of Asian Studies

Writing and Research


In conformity with the university's recently publicized commitment to improving the writing skills of undergraduate students, the Department of Asian Studies is taking steps to provide more assistance to students as they tackle research projects in the areas of East and South Asian Studies. The following documents are designed to provide our undergraduates with useful research tools and to clarify the objectives and format of the research essay:

  1. Writing Research Papers and Theses: a standard summary of the research process and a brief explanation of the differences between “description”, “argument/analysis” and “theory.” PDF
  2. Research Guides: a list of general works on writing and research, on–line search engines, and UT library databases. PDF
  3. On–Line Asian Newspaper Websites: a list of on–line newspapers (in English) for China, India, Japan, North Korea, Pakistan, South Korea and Asia (general) PDF


For assistance in finding sources and compiling bibliographies, students are encouraged to contact our Asian librarians at PCL:

  • Mary Rader (South Asia Librarian): PCL 3.315. Tel: 495-4119. E-mail:
  • Meng–fen Su (Head Librarian, East Asia Library Program): PCL 4.414. Tel: 495–4323. E–mail: