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The Institute for Urban Policy and Analysis (IUPRA) 

The Institute for Urban Policy Research & Analysis (IUPRA), located in the Gordon-White Building at the University of Texas at Ausin, is the policy research and analysis unit of the Black Studies Collective. IUPRA is an interdisciplinary policy research institute that provides intersectional policy solutions. Our mission is to strengthen Black communities, promote social justice, and combat anti-Black racism using a racial equity framework. 

IUPRA Publications
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College of Liberal Arts

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Institute for Urban Policy Research & Analysis (IUPRA) Fast Facts:

  • IUPRA was founded in 2011 through the collaborative efforts of the Texas Legislative Black Caucus, the Warfield Center for African and African American Studies, and the College of Liberal Arts at The University of Texas at Austin. 
  • IUPRA is comprised of faculty and staff identifying, analyzing, and proposing policy solutions in pursuit of increased social justice on issues disproportionately affecting people of African descent and other populations of color. 
  • IUPRA advocates for the equality of access, opportunity, and choice.
  • IUPRA produces research, policy papers and briefs, reports, and needs assessments.
  • IUPRA sponsors and participates in a varitey of events geared towards engaging students, academics, and the Greater Austin community.
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