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Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policies and Guidelines

Welcome to LAITS meeting rooms.  Use of a LAITS meeting room requires a reservation. Before you make a reservation and/or use these rooms, please read the following information carefully. Users are responsible for familiarizing themselves with room use policies before each room use, as policies may change at any time. Failure to follow these policies and guidelines may jeopardize your ability to use LAITS meeting rooms in the future.

The RLP and BUR meeting rooms are available for College of Liberal Arts faculty and staff only. Requests can only be accepted from CoLA departmental staff.  The facilities are not available for classes, exams, review or study sessions, office hours, or student organizations

By making a reservation, you are agreeing to abide by the following guidelines:

  • User Responsibilities
    • Meeting rooms in RLP and BUR 214 are self-service. The LAITS reservation staff do not offer event planning services, nor is there administrative support or assistance for an event.  
    • The person requesting a room must be Liberal Arts faculty or staff. 
    • The "Person in Charge" as listed on the room reservation must be a UT Liberal Arts staff member, and is responsible for following and enforcing this Acceptable Use Policy, as well as other room use guidelines. The "Person in Charge" is responsible for the room, the event, the equipment, and the attendees. This includes, but is not limited to, hosting the event, arranging and supervising catering and special services, supervising room set up and cleanup, removing additional equipment or furniture brought in for the event, monitoring event noise level and attendee behavior.
    • All rooms must be kept clean and the equipment and furniture returned to their proper locations immediately following the event.
    • Reservations should include only rooms that will be actively used during an event. Building staff reserve the right to determine that a room is not actually being used by an event, and rescheduling the use of that room. Rooms may not be reserved for the purpose of "closing off" the Conference Center for use by other events.
  • Event Set-up Responsibilities
    • Include time for set-up and breakdown in your event request. The user is responsible for setting up the room for the event as well as resetting the room to their proper locations immediately following the event.  
    • Items from other rooms or spaces within the building may not be relocated without the express permission of the RLP room reservations staff.  
    • Tables and chairs in the conference center may NOT be rolled outdoors at any time.  
    • Tables and chairs may not be moved within the conference center without first seeking approval from the reservation staff.  
    • It is imperative that the rooms be returned to their original set up after each event.
  • Room Media/Equipment Information
    • Equipment located on the table or desk, such as the computer and document camera, may not be disconnected and/or removed.
    • It is strongly recommended that first-time users of a room make a prior appointment to do a test run of the equipment.
    • Remember to logout of the equipment before leaving the room.
    • The audio visual presentation technology is designed to be operated by the users, with a simple graphical interface to eliminate the need for technical support to be present.
    • Additional media questions or equipment requests contact the RLP Classroom Help Desk at 512-232-5400 or go to RLP 1.214. 
  • Use of Lobby area of the Julius Glickman Conference Center
    • The lobby area of the conference center may not be used for food or other setup unless there are no other events going on in the conference center during your event.  
    • No furniture should ever be moved from or within the lobby area.
    • Propping open the patio doors is not permitted due to the delicate HVAC system in the RLP.
    • Propping open either the main door or patio doors when BACS is locked (i.e. red) will cause an alarm to dispatch the police. Users will be responsible for any fees associated with a false alarm.
  • Fees
    • Users are responsible for any and all fees that may be incurred from false alarms, custodial services, or facilities repairs. This could include charges for cleaning stains on the carpet, damage to walls due to items being taped or tacked to the walls, or other damages resulting from an event.
  • Cleaning Responsibilities
    • All rooms must be cleaned and the equipment and furniture returned to their proper locations immediately following an event (see room layout photo located by the light switch in each room).
    • All garbage must be removed from the facilities immediately after the event.
    • Individuals and organizations using the space are responsible for leaving the room in the same or better condition than which it is found.  
    • Reservation requests should include sufficient time to break-down and clean-up time.
    • You may be required to submit an Event Support request for facilities cleanup following your event. The reservations staff will help you make this determination before the event occurs. A copy of the processed service request must be submitted to the reservations staff at least one week prior to the scheduled event.
    • Users may be requested to return to the rooms for further cleaning and/or resetting furniture if not properly prepared for the next use. There are some cleaning products available in the conference center kitchen.      
  • Food or Drinks Service
    • There are no restrictions on which caterers can be used in LAITS meeting rooms.
    • All food and drinks must be removed from the facility immediately following an event.  Food may not be left in the meeting room(s), kitchen, and/or lobby area.
    • Clients must provide their own supplies needed for food and drinks.
    • The "Person in Charge" of the event must be present to supervise caterers.
    • The event organizer must obtain approval through The University of Texas at Austin Environmental  Health & Safety Department if events are held outside. A copy of the approved food distribution form must be submitted to the reservations staff at least a week prior to the scheduled event.
    • The event organizer must obtain approval through the Provost’s office if alcohol is to be served during the event.
  • Other activities during an event
    • All event activities must take place entirely within the reserved rooms. This includes activities such as registration, materials distribution, eating, and/or displays.
    • No animals are allowed in LAITS meeting rooms, unless they are registered service animals.
    • No candles may be used in any of the LAITS meeting rooms at any time.
    • As a reminder, UT is a non-smoking campus.  Users are responsible for enforcing this policy during their event.
    • Music may be played by either DJ or live musicians as long as the noise level does not disturb the surrounding events and activities.
  • Weekend and Holiday Responsibilities
    • You will be required to submit a WORQS request for Event services cleanup following your event if it takes place on a weekend or holiday. A copy of the approved service request must be submitted to the reservations staff before your event can be confirmed as scheduled. Other arrangements may be made with approval from the reservation staff.
  • After Hours and Weekend Access
    • If the room is not controlled by an electronic lock, it is the responsibility of the department to pick up a key from the RLP Classroom Help Desk located in RLP 1.214 for holiday and/or weekend events.
    • The users are responsible for unlocking and locking their room(s) for their event when the room is not controlled by an electronic lock.  
    • Events must be scheduled during normal building hours.  After-hours entry for setup and cleanup must be prearranged through the reservation staff.