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Internship Courses

Liberal Arts Career Services provides a variety of internship courses including in-residence and University Extension courses. These undergraduate courses are designed as a complement to the internship experience, providing an academic framework, learning objectives, career research and an opportunity for personal and professional reflective thought.

**Important note: Summer 2023 Internship courses will not be offered as in-residence options and instead will be offered through UEX via the Provost's initiative to provide cheaper internship course options. All courses will be $500. For questions regarding your degree, please speak to your academic advisor. We do not provide credit for students outside of the College of Liberal Arts at this point. Additionally, our UEX courses taken during the fall and spring are no longer available. 

UTNY Internship Courses

The UTNY Internship Courses for COLA majors are cross-listed with the in-residence LA 320wb course. Please fill out the in-residence course application and select the course that is relevant to you. There are currently two options for UTNY COLA students: LA 320wb-UTNY & LA 620-UTNY.

  • Employer Eligibility

    Internship eligibility is reviewed on a case by case basis; however, following are general requirements.

    1. provide direct and daily supervision and guidance and regular access to the supervisor 
    2.  assign meaningful projects with learning components 
    3.  provide a professional, established working environment (home-office sites, shared  or co-working sites, virtual/work from home or "in the field" internships are not eligible for the course)

    **Remote internships are allowed. If the internship takes place on-site, requirement three would have to be met. 

    1. provide the resources needed to complete the internship responsibilities.
    2. employer providing the internship must be an established for-profit company with the legal right to transact business in the state of the internship site, an IRS-exempt organization, a governmental entity, or an established, professionally-recognized and legal entity of a foreign country.

    International Internships

     Any student physically interning outside of the United States and planning to take this course, must register their internship with Texas Global. Please note that travel to restricted regions will require authorization by the university. More information can be found here

    Student Eligibility

    • LA 320wb & LA 110wb - UT Austin Liberal Arts undergraduates
    • LA 110wb (Fall) & LA 011 - COLA undergrads whose internship requires credit or International students needing CPT authorization



  • In-residence:

    • LA 320wb - 3 hour upper-division Liberal Arts Elective Credit. Letter Grade provided
    • LA 110wb - 1 Hour lower-division Liberal Arts Elective Credit. Pass/Fail
      • This course is offered as two separate courses during the summer; one for each summer session and is for abbrievated internships only. 
      • In the Fall & Spring - only for students who's internship site requires credit or who need CPT authorization to participate. 
    • LA 011 - 0 credit hour course that offers a transcript notation and charges $0 in tuition. Completed for participation only.
      • Only for students whose internships require credits or international students who require work authorization. 


  • LA 320wb

    Fall and Spring: Minimum of 10 hours/week for a minimum of 12 weeks during the 14-week semester.
    Summer: Minimum of 10 hours/week for a minimum of 9 weeks during the 10-week session.

    LA 110wb

    Fall & Spring: Minimum of 10 hours/week for a minimum of 12 weeks during the 14-week semester.
    Summer: Minimum of 10 hours/week for a minimum of 4 weeks during the 5-week summer term in which you are enrolled.

    LA 011

    Fall and Spring: minimum of 5 hours/week for a minimum of 5 weeks during the 14-week semester.
    Summer: minimum of 5 hours/week for a mimimum of 5 weeks during the 9-week semester. 


  • Application Deadlines

    Summer 2023 (Whole-term & first-term): Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 12:00 PM Central 
    Summer 2023 (second-term): Monday, July 10, 2023 at 12:00 PM Central
    Fall 2023: Friday, September 1, 2023 at 12:00 PM Central


    Step 1 - Application Part I: Part I should be completed once you have secured your internship or if you are in the process of applying for an internship and your employer needs confirmation that you will be eligible for academic credit before hiring you. 

    Step 2 - Application Part II: Once Part I is approved, you will receive a link via email to the online Part II application form to be completed and signed by you and your supervisor. Part II provides a learning agreement framework and requests internship details.

    Step 3 - Course Registration: Once Part II has been submitted and approved, you will be authorized to add/register for the course during your regular access times. Please note that if you register after the first class day, you may be charged a late processing free.

    Incomplete Applications: If any part of your application is received incomplete or if you fail to complete all steps in the application process by the deadline, you will not be eligible to participate in the internship course. 


    For questions about the course, please reach out to course coordinator, Jeramy Howell, at

  • CPT 

    If you are an international student that needs CPT authorization for your internship, please check with Texas Global first to ensure your internship qualifies. 

    ** Please note: We do not sign CPT forms until part II of the application has been completed and approved. If you are able, please wait to submit your CPT authorization until this step has been completed. 

    Verification of Enrollment

    If your internship site requires a verification of enrollment in a credit-bearing course for your internship, you will have to complete the application and be enrolled in the course before one can be issued for you. If your internship site just requires a verification that you are currently-enrolled at UT Austin (but not in a credit-bearing course), please check here

Supervisor Internship Guide

If you are an employer looking for guidance on how to create and supervise an internship program or perhaps a student looking to create an internship program, here is a convenient guide you can use for tips and suggestions. Internships for credit will not be evaluated per this guide; for requirements for the courses, please see above. 



Email our internship coordinator at