Department of Classics

36th Annual Workshop in Ancient Philosophy, March 21 - 23

Thu, March 21, 2013 | Waggener Hall

7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Ariadne and Dionysus (Attic krater c. 470 BCE: Blanton 1980.39)
Ariadne and Dionysus (Attic krater c. 470 BCE: Blanton 1980.39)


Thursday-Saturday, March 21-23 in Waggener Hall

Thursday, March 21, 7-9:30 pm

Friday, March 22, 9 am-noon and 1:45-6 pm

Saturday, March 23, 9 am-noon and 1:30-6 pm


Program of Speakers (workshop flyer)

Thursday, March 21, 7-9:30 pm in Classics Conference Room (Waggener 116)

David Wolfsdorf, Temple University: “Aristotle on Pleasure and energeia: Two Lacunae”

     Comments: Duane Long, UT Austin

Serena Lai, University of Georgia: “Aristotle on Motion as Measure and Measured”

Friday, March 22, 9 am-noon in David Miller Conference Room (Waggener 316)

Jessica Gelber, Syracuse University: “Habitats for Humanity (and other living beings)”

     Comments: Eve Rabinoff, Boston College

Youngkee Cho, Sogang University and UT Austin: “On a Fictionalist Interpretation of Aristotle’s View of Geometry”

     Comments: Katherine Dunlop, UT Austin

Friday, March 22, 1:45-6 pm in David Miller Conference Room (Waggener 316)

Rosemary Twomey, CUNY Graduate Center: “Are the Objects of Sense Proprietary? Plato and Aristotle on the Diversity of the Sense Organs”

     Comments: Kristen Inglis, University of Pittsburgh

Nathanael Stein, Florida State University: “Genuine and mere-Cambridge Change in Aristotle”

Brad Inwood, University of Toronto: "Virtue: Why Bother? An ‘Aristotelian’ Account of Moral Motivation"

Saturday, March 23, 9 am-noon in Classics Conference Room (Waggener 116)

Bryan Reece, University of Toronto: “Out of Thin Air? Diogenes of Apollonia on Generation and Causal Interaction”

     Comments: Dhananjay Jagannathan, University of Chicago

Matthew Evans, University of Michigan: “Making the Best of Plato’s Protagoras”

     Comments: Paul DiRado, University of Kentucky

Saturday, March 23, 1:30-6 pm in Classics Conference Room (Waggener 116)

Emily Austin, Wake Forest University: “Plato on Grief as a Mental Disorder”

     Comments: Glenavin White, UT Austin

Pavle Stojanovic, Johns Hopkins University: “Moral phantasia katalêptikê in Stoicism”

     Comments: Joseph Bullock, UT Austin

Matthew Walker, Yale-NUS College: “Aristotle on the Ease of Philosophy: Protrepticus VI, 40.15–41.2”

     Comments: Jerry Green, UT Austin


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