Department of Classics

UT Austin to Host International Hippocratic Colloquium

Tue, April 29, 2008

The objective of the conference is to bring together scholars and students of ancient medicine, science and philosophy to advance our understanding of the compass of the term “Hippocratic”. The term is used primarily to refer to the authors, texts, theories and practices of the Corpus Hippocraticum, which share a basic scientific outlook but which are notoriously polemical one with another. To date most research has focused on the disparities between treatises and polemical relationships between authors.

Keynote Addresses:

Monday August 11th: Jacques Jouanna ((Université de Paris, Sorbonne) "Le régime dans la Collection hippocratique: la notion de diaita, et les grands problèmes."

Tuesday August 12th: Heinrich von Staden (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton) “The Oath and the oaths: Is the Hippocratic Oath Hippocratic?”

Student Bursaries

The National Science Foundation has made available 6 student bursaries for attendance at the conference for students at US institutions who are interested in pursuing research in ancient Greco-Roman medicine. The bursaries will cover registration fees (which includes breakfasts, lunches, opening reception, banquet and excursion) dorm-room accommodation for 4 nights, and $300 towards travel expenses. To be eligible students should be either in a Classics graduate program in the US or planning to enter one by Fall 2009 at the latest. A student's letter of application should explain their interest in Greco-Roman medicine and be accompanied by a transcript. A letter of support from a faculty member should be sent under separate cover. Both letters should be addressed to Professor Lesley Dean-Jones. Deadline: Monday June 16th, 2008.

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