Program in Comparative Literature

Kimberly Canuette Grimaldi

M.A. Comparative Literature; the University of Texas at Austin B.A. English & History; North Carolina State University,

Kimberly Canuette Grimaldi



Arabic Literature, Persian Literature, Disability Studies, Digital Humanities


Kim focuses on contemporary Arab and Persian literature and cinema with a particular interest in the intersection of disability studies and environmental humanities. Her dissertation Embattled Bodies, Unsettled Minds: Disability, Debility, and Death in the Literature and Cinema of the Iran-Iraq War examines literature, cinema, public art, and state propaganda in order to examine the experiences of disabled combatants and non-combatants in the years since 1980. While relying on the important work of American disability scholars, her research aims to move the conversation outside of the east-west binary by focusing on disability in a site of conflict between two non-western nations. It emphasizes the ways in which state policy and cultural production in Arabic and Persian construct the relationships between the body, the community, and the state that differ from understandings of the body in Europe and the United States. At the same time, this project reiterates that those hardest hit by the economic imperialism that both enabled the spread of chemical weapons and enforced sanctions policies are populations living at the intersection of racism, sexism and poverty.

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