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Teaching Assistantships

The Program is able to offer a limited number of teaching positions through cooperating departments, including Asian Studies, Classics, English, French & Italian, Germanic Languages, Middle Eastern Studies, Slavic Languages, and Spanish & Portuguese. In addition to meeting the requirements for admission to the Program, to be nominated for such awards, applicants must meet the specific requirements of the department involved, such as having appropriate prior training and fluency in the language concerned. Normally, most cooperating departments offer students a certain number of years of (informally) guaranteed assistance, so that awards are automatically renewed provided students teach adequately and general academic criteria are met for re-employment. Should students wish to change departments or to seek financial aid for the first time after having already studied in the Program for a year or more, they must apply for such aid through the Program, which will review the application and, once it is approved, forward it to the department concerned. It is the responsibility of the student to find out about deadlines and to submit application materials on time. The current stipend amount for a nine-month, half-time TA appointment (20 hours per week of grading, tutoring, or conducting review/discussion sessions) can be found here.  TAs must pay their own tuition and fees, but may do so at the rate for Texas residents; they are also eligible for the U.T. health insurance premium sharing benefit. A waiver of tuition is not included with the stipend but tuition assistance is offered.  For more information, please visit TAs must register for a minimum of nine hours during each long semester; employing departments require registration in a pedagogy course (398T) for one semester as part of their employment contracts. During the 2014-2015 academic year, the College of Liberal Arts TA Taskforce created the Teaching Assistant Job Duties document. It is meant to improve communication between TAs and instructors and enhance the success of our TAs and students by generating conversation and clarifying expectations. Graduate students, graduate coordinators, and graduate advisors in the College had input into the content.  It also offers an idea of the array of possible duties expected of students who are funded through TAships. Teaching Assistant Job Duties