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The Center for European Studies and the Jefferson Center for Core Texts and Ideas offer a collaborative major in the great books of Europe, from classical antiquity to the present. Courses in History, Philosophy, Classics, Government, Religious Studies, and Literature will explore the wide range of ideas and intellectual disciplines that have influenced the course of European and, by extension, global history. By entering into debates between radically different schools of thought, and by understanding the historical contexts in which the ideas are generated and become influential, students will develop critical tools with which to engage major contemporary intellectual trends.

Courses that may be counted toward a European Studies major in European Thought include:

lower division
  • C C 301 Introduction to Ancient Greece
  • C C 302 Introduction to Ancient Rome
  • CTI 302 Classics of Social and Political Thought
  • CTI 304 The Bible and Its Interpreters
  • GOV 314 Competing Visions of the Good Life
  • HIS 309K Western Civilization in Medieval Times
  • HIS 309L Western Civilization in Modern Times
  • HIS 317N-1 The Roots of Religious Toleration
  • PHL 301K Ancient Philosophy
  • PHL 301L Early Modern Philosophy
  • PHL 305 Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
  • R S 304 Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  • R S 318 Rise of Christianity
upper division
  • AHC-4 History of Greece to End of Peloponnesian War
  • AHC 325-1History of Rome: The Republic
  • CTI 345 Satan and the Idea of Evil
  • CTI 366 Life and Works of Adam Smith
  • CTI 365 Classics of Social Scientific Thought
  • GOV 335M Natural Law Theory
  • GOV 351C Classical Quest for Justice
  • GOV 351G Critics of Modern Liberalism
  • GOV 351J Might and Right Among Nations
  • GOV 379S Jerusalem and Athens-Honors
  • HIS 322C Cultural History of World Science to 1650
  • HIS 322D The Scientific Revolution of the Seventeenth Century
  • HIS 322G History of the Modern Life Sciences
  • HIS 332G European Intellectual History from the Enlightenment to Nietzsche
  • HIS 322M History of Modern Science
  • HIS 332J Twentieth-Century European Intellectual History
  • HIS 343 The Age of Reformation
  • HIS 343G Italian Renaissance, 1350-1550
  • HIS 344G Twelfth-Century Renaissance: 1050-1200
  • HIS 350L-32 The Galileo Affair
  • HIS 350L-33 Heresy and the Inquisition
  • HIS 350L-57 Law and Society in Early Modern Europe
  • HIS 350L-64 Einstein in the Age of Conflict
  • HIS 350L-74 Mystics, Visionaries, and Heretics in Medieval Europe
  • HIS 350L-81 Enlightenment and Revolution
  • HIS 353 The French Revolution and Napoleon
  • HIS 362G-12 Heretics and Freedom Fighters, 1350-1650
  • HIS 362G Marx and Western Marxism
  • HIS 362G Sacred and Secular in Modern European Thought
  • HIS 362P Spinoza and Modernity
  • LAT 365 Augustine's Confessions
  • HIS 366N Biology, Behavior, and Injustice 
  • PHL 329K History of Ancient Philosophy
  • PHL 329L Early Modern Philosophy: Descartes to Kant
  • PHL 349 History of Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy
  • PHL 354-2 History of Christian Philosophy
  • PHL 354-5 Origins of Liberalism
  • PHL 366K Existentialism

See the degree plan here. For more information on the European Studies major, click here.

Or contact: Lorraine Pangle, Thomas Pangle, Douglas Biow, or Tracie Matysik